Beck, Bismonte & Finley, LLP offers its clients a better approach—bringing professionalism and focused service back to the practice of law.

At the heart of the Beck law firm, is a team of experienced attorneys whose core-belief is that "bigger" doesn't mean better and that successful lawyers must be focused, efficient and cost-effective to earn their clients' business.

Our philosophy is simply different: We provide "big firm" results at significantly lower cost to the client – because we staff our cases with experienced lawyers who focus on what is important to succeed in each case. We do not overstaff cases with inexperienced first or second year lawyers, billing as much as $400 an hour simply to learn the practice of law at the client's expense. And, because of our lower overhead, the billing rates of our senior lawyers are also well below comparable "big firm" rates.

Clients are counselled to hire large law firms on the theory that "bigger is better." Experience has shown that the reality is far different. Many of our clients tell us that the large firms are often non-responsive, unfocused and inefficient. Beck, Bismonte & Finley, LLP believes that a steady rotation of inexperienced attorneys in and out of cases is the root cause of these ills. We're different. Our firm has brought together a small team of richly experienced lawyers, dedicated to serving our clients with the precise focus required to successfully represent client needs in matters ranging from complex commercial litigation to intellectual property litigation and counselling to class action defense. This approach provides the client with the best possible talent pool, without the downside of paying for the overhead associated with supporting the mega-firm structure. Our lawyers have experienced life in "big law", but have come together to create what is simply a better way to practice law.